Earn a great income representing a great new brand.

Isn’t it great when you find a product that works?  Don’t you love a product that does what it says it will do?   A great product can sell itself – it just needs an introduction!  So, to be more to the point, a great product sells especially well when friends introduce it to their friends.

When we demonstrate Bad Ass to our friends, they are amazed and immediately want a bottle. So, when it came to a sales strategy, we decided to deviate from our ordinary course of business and let friends sell it to friends.

Our independent distributors tell their friends, call on prospective customers, and attend periodic trade shows in their areas.  We provide samples, marketing and technical support.   In return, they earn unbelievable margins on their sales.

When you’re a Bad Ass Distributor, you have a great time and earn a good supplemental or full-time income.  Make money when you sell your inventory. Make money when your customers reorder directly from the plant, and make money when you introduce a friend to the business and sponsor them in our Single-level Program.

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