Bad Ass Boat Cleaner

Bad Ass Boat Cleaner


Cleans, shines and provides long-lasting
protection against corrosion and UV rays.

24 oz. Bottle


Product Description

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A clean boat is a happy boat and Bad Ass Boat Cleaner gets the job done!  With Bad Ass, you can put away the buffer!

In just a few seconds, this Bad Ass cleaner removes oxidation and scum lines from boat hulls and engines.  It cleans fiberglass and aluminum, removing chalky buildup, dirt, and grime.   Simply spray it, allow it to dwell, wipe, and rinse.  It’s back to new in no time.

You know those ugly tarnish stains on stainless that look like rust, right?  Gone.  Yep.  Spray on and leave for 1 minute and wipe them away, revealing a stainless steel finish that looks new again.

Use Bad Ass to degrease engines, hatches, and other areas that may be prone to oil and grease buildup.

Bad Ass also cleans upholstery and removes any carpet stain that you may have.

We have given free samples to the big boat shops to get their opinions of the product.  From the moment they use it, they’re a new customer.  We know you’ll feel the same.  If you’re not completely satisfied, contact us for a full refund.

Spend more time on the water and less time cleaning.  Use the product the pros use!  Order a couple of bottles today!

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Additional Information

Weight 26 oz

24 oz. bottle, 1gal., 5 gal.