Bad Ass Exterior and Siding Cleaner

Bad Ass Exterior and Siding Cleaner


Remove tough stains, grime, and years of oxidation from your home’s gutters and siding, making them look new and bright again. Bad Ass Gutter & Exterior easily lifts and removes black streaks, mold, mildew, and dirt from gutters and house siding!  Simply spray, allow to dwell for 10 seconds, and spray, rinse, or wipe away.  There’s never been an easier way to clean!

Available in:

24 oz. bottle

1 gallon jug

5 gallon pail

Coverage:  Approx 800 square feet/gallon

Product Description

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A Clean Like You’ve Never Seen.

Seldom do you find a product that works so well, that you watch in amazement how time after time, it cleans virtually anything that it’s applied to.  Such is the case with Bad Ass Gutter & Exterior Cleaner.

Bad Ass Gutter & Exterior turns a day-long chore into a couple of hours.  In seconds, Bad Ass removes stubborn black stains from gutters as well as years of oxidation, dirt, and grime.  It effortlessly cleans vinyl and other types of siding.

Apply Bad Ass to surface with a pump-sprayer and allow to dwell for 10-20 seconds, then rinse thoroughly.  Stubborn areas may require a light pressure washing or a light brushing.  For typical home maintenance, cut Bad Ass 1:1 with water.  It will do a great job and cut your material cost in half!

Bad Ass will leave your home looking new and fresh again!  Safe for plants, pets, fish, and your family!

Bad Ass does not contain bleach.  If desired, add outdoor bleach to Bad Ass (creating an 80/20 ratio of Bad Ass:bleach) to create a bleaching cleaner.

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Using Bad Ass with Pressure Washing Systems:

Bad Ass is a concentrated cleaner that can be applied through injection systems. For 10:1 systems, cut Bad Ass 1:1 with water before injecting; for 20:1 systems, inject at 100%.  For stubborn stains, using a backpack sprayer, apply Bad Ass directly to the area, allow to dwell for 10 seconds and remove with pressure washer.

Other Information:

This product does contain a small amount of butyl.  Do not apply and allow to dry or allow to dwell for more than 30 minutes.  Always rinse thoroughly.

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Additional Information

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions N/A

24 oz. bottle, 1gal., 5 gal.