Bad Ass Industrial Cleaner

Bad Ass Industrial Cleaner


The only cleaner you’ll need around the workshop.  Cleans all surfaces and wipes out tough grease and
grime with no lingering residue.  Bad Ass Industrial will degrease your tools, your engines, and any other chore you can throw at it.  Just spray it on and watch.  Within seconds, dirt, grease, and oil begin to melt away.  Simply rinse ten seconds later and reveal a fresh, clean toy!

Available sizes:  24 oz., 1 gallon, 5 gallon

Product Description

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On a strength scale of 1-5, Bad Ass Industrial Cleaner is a 5.  This product will degrease everything from a small engine to a locomotive engine and everything in between.

Great for cleaning tools and equipment, too!

Bad Ass Industrial replaces just about every cleaner in your cabinet.  Great on clean greasy oven racks, fry pits, etc.  No home, workshop, or facility should be without it.

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Spray Bad Ass on the surface and allow it to dwell for 10-20 seconds.  Wipe and rinse.  Stubborn grease (fatty acids) may require an additional application.



Additional Information

Weight 26 oz

24 oz, 1 gal., 5 gal.