Bad Ass Motorcycle & Auto Cleaner

Bad Ass Motorcycle & Auto Cleaner


Looking for the best motorcycle/car cleaner on the market?  You’ve found it!  Bad Ass is a quick, complete cleaning solution. Spray it, let it work for ten seconds, and rinse it off with water.  In seconds, Bad Ass will remove years of oil, grease, and grime without hurting your bike’s finishes.  Cleans chrome, painted surfaces, anodized aluminum, bare aluminium, steel.  Consolidate all of your cleaners into one!

Once your bike is spic-n-span, keep it clean by using Bad Ass as a bike wash.  Add 3 – 4 ounces to a pail of water to create a phenomenal wash solution.

Available sizes:  24 oz., 1 gallon, and 5 gallon.

Product Description

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We love our toys and we want to keep them clean Nothing is more frustrating than buying a bike cleaner that doesn’t work.

For Bad Ass Bike Cleaner to earn it’s name, it has to be a bad ass cleaner!

From removing oxidation off of headlights to degreasing and cleaning chrome, Bad Ass delivers the level of expectation that you have for a cleaner.

Remove road grime, tar, dirt, grease, bugs, and anything else that shouldn’t be there.  Dilute 3 ounces of cleaner into a bucket of water and have an excellent bike wash, too.

Otherwise, simply spray Bad Ass onto whatever you want to clean and wait 10 seconds.  Wipe away grime and thoroughly rinse.  You will be nothing short of amazed!

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On cars, use Bad Ass to remove bugs (including love bugs) from the front end.  Don’t stop there. Bad Ass cleans and degreases engines, cleans tires and wheels, leather, carpet, and just about everything else, too.

This year, spend more time in the saddle or behind the wheel enjoying that thang and less time cleaning it!  Order a couple of bottles today!



Additional Information

Weight 26 oz

24 oz., 1 gal., 5 gal.