Bad Ass RV Cleaner

Bad Ass RV Cleaner


In seconds, remove black streaks, tar, dirt,
& grime – leaving a clean like you’ve never seen.

Available in 24 oz. bottle, 1 gallon, or 5 gallon sizes.

Product Description

49352847 - class a motorhome

Your RV or Camper is something you’re proud of and you want to keep it clean.  Do it the right way with Bad Ass RV & Camper Cleaner!

You know that bleach won’t remove the black streaks  – so why do you keep using it?  Those other cleaners don’t impress you that much either!  Step up and go with the best!

Bad Ass only takes seconds to work.  Simply spray it on, wait 10 seconds, wipe and rinse.  You will be amazed at what just took place and you will never clean without Bad Ass again.

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Bad Ass is also:

  • The only cleaner that removes chalking and oxidation from your RV’s surface.
  • An excellent degreaser.  Use it to clean your engine.
  • A great wheel cleaner. Removes brake dust effortlessly.
  • An excellent bug remover – wipe away in seconds with paper towel or presoak before washing.
  • Great for removing tar from the side of the coach or camper.
  • A phenomenal carpet cleaner.  Stains that won’t come out, come out.
  • A great windshield cleaner.  Five squirts into your windshield wiper bottle makes a great windshield cleaner.

Buy a couple of bottles today and you’ll be amazed.  That’s our promise.  If you aren’t completely satisfied, return your purchase for a complete refund!




Additional Information

Weight 26 oz

24 oz. bottle, 1 gal., 5 gal.